Lisa: Age 46

I've lost weight, toned my legs, lost my belly, healed my sore shoulder and back, changed my eating habits...etc...etc

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Mela: Age 44

I no longer wake up every night with pains in my lower back....after many years.

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Angela: Age 32

I have rheumatoid arthritis and this practice is low impact so it is very gentle on my joints. The heat is great for warming up the body to ease into the postures. Since practicing Bikram Yoga I experience less pain in my joints.

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Stuart: Age 50

I had such an "old" injured body when I first started practicing. Now my injuries feel less problematic or even healed.

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Cynthia: Age 48

I also know from the doctor that my blood pressure dropped from 125/ 85 to 113/ 50. It is - simply - the best money and time that I have ever spent on myself.

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Leslie: Age 54

I know that it is helping all aspects of my health, my concentration, flexibility, strength, and immune system.

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